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“Over a four year period, we’ve had 45,000+ customers come in. After tracking every item on a daily basis, I can now say four years later it is a 30% redemption rate!”

Marcus Colson

Owner, Pizza Harbour

After 5 years, it’s still working. Sales grew to over a $100,000 during our 3 month trial, and haven’t dropped below $120,000 since. I was expecting 1-2% and we’re getting back an average of 35-36%. Return on investment is great, a 4:1 !

Dustin Craig

Managing Partner, Papa's Grill


Papa's Grill

Dustin Craig, Owner


Sahm's Place

Eddie Sahm, Owner


Detour Grille

John Peters, GM

The Egg & I

Ashley Ross, GM

Chicago's Pizza

Dean & Diana Parker, Owners

Pizza Harbour

Marcus Colson, Owner

Brozinni's Pizzeria

James Cross, Owner

Our Customer Service

Various clients tell their experience about working with Nick and his team.


Quality of Birthday Mailer

Clients describe the Birthday Mailer and its perception.

Birthday Mailers have increased our business!!

We get a lot of new faces in here and they usually come with a guest, if not their families. We mail out about 300 a month, we get a 30% return, we get about a 4-to-1 investment ratio. It works. It’s a great program. It has increased our business!

my marketing dollars are working for me

Your program allows and owner to do other things but also feel confident that their marketing dollars are at work and is worthwhile of the investment.

Your mailers have proved that direct mail really can work

In our first month we mailed out 350 birthday mailers, and got a 24.9% redemption rate, that’s 87 certifi-cates redeemed for a total of 247 customers in one month!

You helped build our existing and new customer base

I was very very pleasantly surprised when I saw the results. As a business owner I don’t have a lot of free time, and you guys handled everything. You’re very easy to get a hold of.

a unique marketing strategy

Birthday mailers play on birthdays and in turn creates an attraction for not only the person celebrating, but inherently brings their family and friends. This is more exposure for us, and more money revenue, which increases my ROI!


Tracking Portal

Clients share how our proprietary tracking dashboard display their return on investment.


Still Not a Believer?

If you’re looking at Birthday Mailers for the first time, watch this.


Unbelievable Redemption Rates

Clients boast over the redemption rates they are achieving.