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A strong loyal customer base is very important these days. Your customers will keep you afloat in your slow months, just like a loyal friend. But how do you get more of them?

In my experience this takes 2 steps (minimum). Set #1 involves getting their attention. I use emotional triggers such as birthdays, which help tremendously in starting this process. By touching a customers emotions you differentiate yourself from other media that is trying to get their attention. Which sounds better to you…”Here’s a free appetizer”…or “Happy Birthday John, here’s a free appetizer,”? You see we all love receiving gifts, especially for our birthday. Ok so now you got them to come in….onto step #2

Thank them! A simple thank you can go a long way. Acknowledging that they came in to your restaurant or business is the key to step # 2. A bounceback reward or coupon with that thank you note will get them into your business yet another time. Once you get them in 2 or 3 times, your chances of them becoming a loyal customer is over 67%! We call step #2 Loyalty Mailers, which have proven to yield anywhere from 34%-60% redemption rates. Try it, you’ll be impressed by the results.