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With personalized Birthday Mailers, you’ll get just that!

Our Mailer: 28% Redeemed

Other Mailers: 1% Redeemed
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Target People with Upcoming Birthdays!
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Our Mailer Gets Opened

We’ve reinvented direct mail. Don’t settle for mass mailing with a 1% redemption rate. How does 28% sound? By using our proprietary handwritten envelope your mail campaign will receive tremendous results. Your campaign is targeted, personalized and trackable. Our tracking portal displays your ROI, giving you the data you need to continue working with us.

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Savvy Restaurateurs Use Our Mailers


Papa's Grill Testimonial

Dustin explains how monthly revenue exceeded $120,000!

Detour Grille Testimonial

John’s customers thank him for thinking of them for their birthday.

Sahm's Place Testimonial

Eddie Sahm – “Birthday Mailer’s make customers feel special.”
You Get More New Customers

We Do All The Work

Targeted Lists

We target birthdays with demographics that match your best customers.

Direct Mail

We deploy a high-performing personalized direct mail campaign for you.

Trackable Results

You get new customers, increased revenue, and data we can leverage in the future.